Our Services

Result Management

A tool called Result Management makes it easier for academic institutions to handle student data, compute results, and generate transcripts. Enetwork Result Management Software maintains, manages, and modifies student profiles, bio data, academic records, course registration, result input, result processing, and transcript production with exceptional security features. It facilitates information search (e.g., by name, registration number, courses, etc.). The CGPA is calculated by the result manager and is shown in a clear manner. Additionally, it allows users to browse the whole list of students under departments and faculties.

Linking Schools

Enetwork created EleanPro, a unique web-based solution, to assist business organizations in managing their authorized signatories. Employee details management, uploading of scanned images in the formats of PDF, GIF, and JPG, branch management, activation and deactivation of employee signatures, image cropping, protected login with the AES 128-bit algorithm, user role management, and audit trail for web-based reports and addenda are some of its features.

School Management

One of our software called School Management Software (SMS) makes the often complicated tasks of school administration more manageable. It streamlines the procedures needed to run the school. Online registration is one of its benefits. This makes it possible for students to sign up for their courses and the academic year online.


Our Ethical hackers are knowledgeable in the business to secure and improve your technology of organization. We provide an essential service like Application Security, Data Security and Encryption, Network Security, Security Information Authentication solutions to any organization by looking for vulnerabilities that can lead to a security breach and report any identified vulnerabilities to the organization with solutions.


Mobile solutions, software-defined data centers, application lifecycle management, big data analytics, and IT service management.



Database Management System. Oracle Database, Data Warehousing, SQLite, Database Security, MariaDB, MySQL, Real Application Clusters